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Dear all,

Follow the steps to test your Weka. If you have a problem to complete the steps, post the problem in the course blogs under the Weka Tutorial page and welcome anybody else to follow your blog and post answers and discuss relevant issues.

Use the Calendar to access the attached slides of helping sessions

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Welcome to Data Mining and Visualization, Spring 2016, EagleVision Connection to Classes

This course will be taught by Dr. Hong Liu at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in Daytona Beach, Florida  in conjunction with Adams State University (ASU) in Alamosa, Colorado and Prescott Campus of ERAU.  The course materials are mostly adapted from the previous course in the same title that was developed by Dr. Matthew Ikle at ASU. The course will be taught using a hybrid learning environment.  Information about the professors can be found under the section Meet Your Instructor, under the Home menu. The development of this course has been made possible by an NSF grant.

The goal of the course is to introduce students to the exciting and rapidly evolving fields of Data Mining and Data Visualization. Prerequisites for the course are modest as needed material will be developed and integrated on an as-needed basis. The course will utilize machine learning toolkits such as WEKA and Waffles, thereby minimizing programming requirements.

The course will include a mixture of lectures, readings, homework, and an exam, culminating in a hands-on team project. The schedule for all student assignments will be updated on the course Google calendar. Please click the syllabus to find our current tasks.

Help including office hours, email addresses, and phone numbers, can be found under the menu item How to Get Help.

The course should prove to be difficult but enjoyable, enlightening, and exciting.

Have fun,

Your Instructor, Dr. Hong Liu